MACO Management Company, Inc., was established in 1977 for the sole purpose of professionally operating affordable housing.  This need was recognized by MACO Management’s sister company MACO Construction, Inc., as it was actively engaged to the development and construction of multifamily apartments and need to contract for the services of professional management after the complexes were constructed.

As the number of complexes that came under contract and the staffing requirements increased, MACO Management Co., Inc., became active in the acquisition of other affordable housing complexes primarily in order to better utilize the tools already in place as well as its employees and other equipment.  MACO Management now manages over 12,000 housing units scattered throughout ten states.


MACO Management Company, Inc., throughout its early years of the 1980’s was engaged in natural growth.  Basically, as MACO Management’s sister company MACO Construction developed and constructed multifamily units; it was the responsibility of MACO Management Company, Inc., to place these properties into service.  The developments coming on line during this period were primarily those complexes financed by what was then the Farmers Home Administration which later became USDA – Rural Development.  These developments were funded utilizing the Section 515 loan program in the rural areas of Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee at the rate of approximately two to three hundred units per year.  MACO Management occasionally acquired complexes during this period, however, the focus of the company primarily stayed with the starting up the management for the properties that were constructed by MACO Construction.

During the late 1990’s MACO Management became heavily engaged in the acquisition of rural housing complexes.  Starting in 1997, the company began acquiring complexes in able to better justify the tools already in place.  Several of those complexes were developed by individuals in the early 1980’s and in many cases; such developers had reached retirement age.  This trend continued through the late years of the 1990’s and into the 2000’s.


In addition to its multifamily housing management, MACO is also a leader in the development, construction, and maintenance of a wide variety of commercial buildings.  Some examples of MACO’s numerous holdings include; United States Postal Service buildings, Social Security Administration buildings, and buildings leased to various State Agencies as well as Conventional leased properties.


As MACO Management Co., Inc. grew in the area of Affordable Housing Property Management as a third party independent contractor, the principals recognized the need to diversify its operations.  In order to utilize the assets already in place, such as maintenance staff and in-house bookkeeping staff, it seemed only logical to invest into other types of real estate.

With the firm’s comfort level and expertise in dealing with government agencies, the company engaged itself into the building/lease back as well as the acquisition of office buildings.  These offices are occupied by various Federal, State and local government agencies as well as leased Post Office buildings.  It is management’s goal to continue increasing the current inventory.  The company now has commercial real estate holdings in over a dozen states.  These long-term lease holdings should generate income and equity for the firm well beyond the foreseeable future.

From “grass roots” natural growth in the professional management of affordable housing, to its commercial holdings, MACO Management is a leader in its field.