General Manager:

MACO Management Company, Inc. utilizes the office and position of General Manager as the direct informational link between the Board of Directors and the Staff.  This is a highly demanding position and one that truly oversees every aspect of the company.  In this position, the General Manager reviews and regulates the financial operations of the company from its balance sheet to the management of its cash flow.  In addition, the General Manager is responsible for and oversees all staffing requirements from the hiring of staff to the annual review of employee evaluations performed by the District Managers.  The General Manager has been given full authority by the Board of Directors to act on its behalf.

Regional Operation Director:

The highly trained Regional Operation Directors are under the day to day direction of the General Manager and act as and with his full authority in all field matters as well as the direction of all Management Personnel.  The General Manager utilizes these highly trained professionals to assist him in overseeing the day to day operations of the properties managed by MACO. They assist the Regional Directors and any other areas of concern or help that is needed.  They also act as a liaison between the governing agencies and MACO Management.

Regional Director:

As a result of MACO’s decentralized business model, MACO Management utilizes the position of Regional Director as a direct link between the full-service management offices away from MACO Management’s General Manager and Regional Operation Directors at their home office in Clarkton, Missouri.  The position of Regional Director is one of the most challenging positions within the company.  Regional Directors are responsible for the total control and operation of their respective office.  They are required to oversee all aspects of each employees work and make employee evaluations to the General Manager on an annual basis.  The Regional Director has the highest authority level in his or her office and only need answer to the General Manager or his Regional Operation Directors.

District Manager:

MACO regularly schedules outside training seminars for their District Managers.  They have successfully completed the certified occupancy specialist training and attend regular training sessions held by the monitoring agencies in their district.  District Managers are responsible for the following; hiring property managers within their designated districts; all communications with property managers assigned to them as well as financial and physical conditions of the properties; training the property managers so that paperwork is accurate and will meet the monitoring agencies’ specifications; to see that needed maintenance is completed as requested; preparing budgets on existing properties and compiling budgets for future properties; working closely with the Governing Agency that is specific to each property.

Tax Credit Compliance:

The Tax Credit Compliance Department is the liaison for the District Managers, State Agencies, and Syndicators.  This department coordinates the monthly, quarterly and yearly reports sent to the appropriate State Agencies and Syndicators.  Training for Site Managers and Property Managers throughout the company is provided by this department.