District Manager Position

District Manager

I: Introduction

The District Manager is responsible for maximizing all phases and performance of the property. They must direct and supervise all staff to achieve the financial and occupancy goals of the community, while also maintaining the property in good physical condition. The DM will supervise the daily operations of the properties in their portfolio. This includes physical as well as financial aspects. Fair Housing Training is required prior to beginning work.

II: Essential Job Functions

  1. Oversees overall operation of the multi-family complexes
    1. Hires, trains, supervises, and terminates property staff when necessary. This includes, but is not limited to, providing advice and/or hiring maintenance personnel.
    2. Analyzes property’s financial statements in order to prepare annual operating budgets
    3. Reviews financial statements to identify operating deviations from what was budgeted and develop solutions where necessary
    4. Prepares all required financial reports including, but not limited to monthly, quarterly, and/or annual reports to the applicable regulatory agencies, owners, or management agent. This includes making adjusting entries during the preparation of financial statements
    5. Review and approve all property expenditures. Code all bills so Accounts Payable can make prompt payment
    6. Prepares all required regulatory agency documents. This includes, but is not limited to, management plans, management certifications, affirmative fair housing marketing plans, marketing letters, advertisements, and Identity of Interest Disclosures
    7. Visits and inspects complexes to ensure they meet all required standards
    8. Establishes operating programs
  2. Ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, tenant eligibility, non-discrimination, grounds, health, and safety.
  3. Monitors collections of rents and security deposits
  4. Solicits bids for required construction and/or repairs of building and equipment
  5. Provides and ensures timely, effective customer service responding to tenant complaints, activities, and concerns
  6. Acts as a liaison with all governing agencies
  7. Monitors and attends inspections
  8. Prepares responses to inspection results from regulatory agencies, investors, and owners.
  9. Expected to attend continuing education training to enhance their knowledge of industry requirements.
  10. Travel is required with this job.
  11. Performs other projects and duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

To successfully perform the essential functions of this position, the employee must have a high school diploma or equivalent. The employee must thoroughly understand the competitive market and budget management, while providing exceptional service. The employee must be able to exercise good judgment and self-control. The employee should also exhibit enthusiasm, a good attitude, trustworthiness, personal integrity, and honesty. The employee should also possess good human relation skills demonstrating the ability to deal with residents and staff. This position functions in an office environment but does require local and regional travel. It requires the use of general office equipment such as computers, scanners, copiers, etc.


III.  District Manager To-Do List

  1. Daily:
  • Coding and initial invoices
  1. Weekly:
  • Conference call to site staff on Mondays or Friday before
  • Print and submit aged past due (Exhibit A)

iii.  Bi-Weekly:

  • Property Manager and Maintenance Payroll needs to be turned into Leah. Review for completeness and submit; no later than Friday by closing hours (Section 1 Exhibit G)
  1. Monthly:
  • Calculate and pay Management Fee’s as funds are available throughout the month
  • Monitor HUD PMs EIV monthly requirements. Make adjustments as needed.
  • MHDC Occupancy Report, due to Darlene no later than the 8th, preferably before. (Exhibit B)
  • Occupancy and RA Report (Vacant/unused RA report) to your Regional Director by the 10th (Exhibit C)
  • Submit Expense Report to Regional Director no later than the 15th (Section 1 Exhibit B)
  • Credit Card Report to Regional director no later than the 15th (Exhibit D)
  • Mileage Report to Regional Director no later than the 15th (Section 1 Exhibit A)
  • Send reports to Syndicators as requested
  • Send reports to government agencies as needed
  • Fund Tax and Escrow and Reserve Accounts
  • Check with ADM on any items needed from PMs for the month
    • Outstanding certs due
    • Move out paperwork
    • Move in paperwork
  • Enter collections submissions to RSS
  1. Quarterly:
  • Trip reports due to Regional Director (Exhibit E)
    • Submit all reports completed during the month to Reginal Director at the end of each month.
    • All properties should be done by the end of quarter.
  • Approve LIHTC UA’s
  • Post LIHTC Payments (postings)
  • Send reports out to Syndicators
  • Send reports to government agencies as needed
  1. Yearly:
  • 1st of the Year and beginning of 4th quarter – Get ready for auditors
  • Put approved budgets into ACCPAC, as they get approved
    • If rejected put last approved budget into ACCPAC
  • March 31st, Year Ends due to RD
    • Budget transmitted
    • Balance sheet transmitted
    • Narrative submitted
    • Certification of Performance Standards
  • Respond to LIHTC agency (state specific) year ends within 30 days as they are received throughout the year.
  • Put Adjusting Journal Entries into ACCPAC
  • September 30th, Proposed Budgets due to RD (Exhibit F)
    • Transmit Proposed Budgets and Rent Increases no later than September 30th
    • Submit Management Certification, Narrative and Utility Allowance to RD
  • Prepare and submit Service Workout Plans (SWOP) if:
    • The 3-year vacancy average is above 10%, or, 12-month vacancy average is above 10%, or, the reserve account is underfunded…a SWOP is needed to approve an RD budget.
    • SWOPs can be written for 1-3 years.
    • Schedule a unit by unit inspection with the RD specialist. The findings from this inspection are placed on a SWOP Grid and submitted.
    • Prepare the SWOP narrative
    • Prepare 1st year budget should be prepared WITHOUT Return to Owner Part 1 line 23 of the RD budget.
    • Contingency Budget for future budgets the length of the SWOP
  • November 1st, Proposed Budgets due to LIHTC agency (state specific)
  • Prepare Employee Performance Evaluation by November 1st
    • Collect and review employee maintenance reviews and forward to RD
    • Review evaluations with site staff in January once RD agrees and signs off.
  • Prepare employee annual bonuses for site staff. Due by December 1st.
  1. Throughout Year:
  • Look for any AFHMP’s that are due and update (Exhibit G) Make sure any Reserve items that were approved on budget are getting done
  • Oversee Inspection Prep, Inspections and Responses
  • Hiring, Terminating and Counseling Staff as needed
    • Submit Application package to HR
    • Submit Applicable new hire package to HR once applicant is approved.
    • Submit termination info to HR as needed
  • Get RD’s approval on purchases over $1,000.00
  • Adjust Marketing Strategy if and when needed
  • Ensure Transition Plans and CNA’S are being maintained and completed
  • Respond to Government Agencies in a Timely Manner
  • Schedule and conduct team meetings to make adjustments, training etc.
  • Analyze, troubleshoot and implement strategies for troubled properties
    • Frequency of complex visits (weekly, bi weekly, monthly)
    • Adjust marketing strategy
    • Monitor rent ready progress
    • Implement incentives if necessary
  • Track and monitor time remaining to activate unused RA
  • Approve all tenant terminations and promissory notes as necessary

Job Application

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