Regional Director Position


  1. Introduction

This position is responsible for maximizing all phases and performance of Regional Offices. Direct and supervise all staff to achieve the financial and occupancy goals of the community while maintaining the property in good physical condition and appearance. Thorough understanding of the competitive market, budget management and providing exceptional service are required.

  1. Job Description
  2. Oversees overall operation of the Regional Office
    • Provides assistance and guidance as needed for the successful operation of multi-family housing

Prepares administrative correspondence in support of the main office and Property Managers

  • Reviews multi-family complexes to ensure compliance with levied requirements
  • Ensures all District Managers are preparing financial statements in a timely manner while reviewing the accuracy of adjusting journal entries
    • Acts as a liaison at all levels, with the main office, within the regional office, governing agencies, communities, and complexes
    • Assists in securing vendors and contractors regarding capital improvements and ongoing maintenance needs

Corresponds with all regulatory agencies such as RD, HUD, MHDC, Tax Credit,

Syndicators, Owners, etc. when required

  • Oversees and assists preparation of all regulatory agencies documents
  • Assists District Managers to provide and ensure timely, effective customer service responding to tenant complaints, activities, and concerns
  • Visits properties to ensure District Manager and Property Managers are maintaining properties in desirable condition Must complete a trip report for all properties overseen every 90 days and forward to Regional Operations Director every month.  (Exhibit F Section 4)
    • Review all vacancies and strive to keep an occupancy of 95% or greater. All vacant unit rent readies should be completed and turned over in a 5-day timeline.
    • Review RA and Vacancy Report and forward to Regional Operations Director (Exhibit A). If a property falls on the corporate watch list provide details to Regional Operations Director.
    • Must complete DM market analysis every 90 days and forward to Regional Operations Director (Exhibit B)
    • Review and approve SWOP from DM as necessary and then forward to Regional Operations Director.
    • Complete employee performance reviews for regional employees- AR, AP, ADM, DM (Refer to exhibits in HR section). Collect maintenance review completed by PM (Refer to exhibits in HR section). and PM review completed by DM (Refer to exhibits in HR section).
    • All expense reports for regional employees should be completed and signed no later than the 15th of the month.


  1. Financial Control

Assists with preparation of budgets

Monitors any budget variances on a regular basis

Provides follow-up so that invoices are presented timely to accounting department for payment

  • Monitors collection of all sources of revenues such as rent and laundry
  • Ensures all funding requirements are met when feasible, such as Reserve Accounts, Tax & Insurance escrow, etc.

Reviews monthly financial reports in order to gauge cash flow and develop solutions where necessary

Ensures accounts receivables are accurate and completed in a timely fashion

Ensures all tax credit investor demands are being fulfilled




  • Manage and oversee office staff
  • Oversees the daily operations to give direction, instruction, and guidance to District Managers, Assistant District Managers, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Property Managers, Maintenance personnel, etc.
  • Ensures properties are managed effectively according to MACO policies and procedures as well as all applicable regulatory agencies involved
  • Works with supervisors to make financial decisions that would affect the operations of the property, to discuss policies, management procedures, and to discuss problems or concerns and potential resolutions to various property operations

Works with staff to perform requests directed by the corporate office

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

To successfully perform the essential functions of this position, the employee must have a high school diploma or equivalent. The employee must thoroughly understand the competitive market and budget management, while providing exceptional service. Employee must work with a high degree of accuracy, timeliness, logic and structure. The employee must be able to exercise good judgement and self-control. The employee should also exhibit enthusiasm, a good attitude, trustworthiness, personal integrity, and honesty. The employee should also possess good human relation skills demonstrating the ability to deal with residents and staff.

Other Requirements

This position functions in an office environment but also requires local and regional travel. It requires the use of general office equipment such as computers, scanners, copiers, etc.


Ensure that the regional office is clean and presentable at all times.  Office must be kept in an organized manner and ready for all management reviews.  Corporate office will coordinate with regional director and will be in office every quarter to review office procedures.

Job Application

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